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  • UK based finance comparison website
  • Compare features, sort tables, apply online
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

What we do

PocketRate is a free to use financial comparison website that compares a number of UK based products and services.

Our comparison tables are easy to use and enable you to compare features, sort the information and apply for the product offer online.

History of PocketRate

PocketRate was founded by our CEO, Andrew Bowen, in 2017.

Andrew was the co-founder and former director of UK FTSE 250 insurance company, Hastings Direct.

Although there are a number of comparison websites out there, the idea behind PocketRate is to present the important data in simple tables that are clean, uncluttered and make it easy to compare products at a glance.

Importantly, unlike some other comparison websites, the PocketRate comparison tables are completely impartial i.e. we do not accept incentives from providers to place their products higher up the table. We believe this gives the customer a clearer comparison of the market.

What products do you compare?

We cover a range of products including:

What companies do you include?

We try to cover a wide range of the market so that you can make a more informed decision as to what product is right for you.

We may not include some companies or products because they have requested not to be included.

How do you make money?

We make money in two main ways:

1. Commission Fees & Fixed Fees

We may receive a fee from the provider if you visit their website and complete an application form for a product and/or make a purchase from them.  We may also receive fixed fees from providers for appearing in the comparison tables. This does not cost you, the customer, anything more.

2. Advertising

The PocketRate website may show advertisements on various pages for which we may receive advertising fees and/or commission fees.

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