Compare Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover ProductRoadside
Cost From:
RAC Breakdown Option 1£45.00See Deal
RAC Breakdown Option 2£105.00See Deal
RAC Breakdown Option 3£135.00See Deal
RAC Breakdown Option 4£135.00See Deal
Emergency Assist Saver Cover£19.00See Deal
Emergency Assist Premium Cover£35.00See Deal
Emergency Assist Complete Cover
(including European Travel)
£75.00See Deal
AA Breakdown Option 1£99.00See Deal
AA Breakdown Option 2£115.00See Deal
AA Breakdown Option 3£135.00See Deal
QDOS Roadside & Local Cover£12.65See Deal
QDOS Roadside, Local & Home Cover£17.99See Deal
QDOS Roadside & National Cover£15.99See Deal
QDOS Complete UK Recovery£20.99See Deal - Option 1£26.90See Deal - Option 2£28.95See Deal - Option 3£37.65See Deal - Rescue 1£16.00See Deal - Rescue 2£19.99See Deal
Nova Direct Breakdown Basic£16.50See Deal
Nova Direct Breakdown Bronze XS£20.00See Deal
Nova Direct Breakdown Silver XS£25.00See Deal

breakdown cover

What is Breakdown Cover?

Breakdown Cover is an insurance policy that provides expert, mechanical assistance to you in the event of your vehicle breaking down. The providers of breakdown cover generally offer a number of options, each with a different level of assistance that is given when you need to use them.

The PocketRate breakdown cover matrix makes it simple to compare various levels of motoring assistance from the top UK breakdown providers.

The table includes columns for the various levels of cover provided together with the cost. Each row identifies a breakdown product from a specific provider. Most companies will generally have at least three different levels of cover or combinations of cover.

Levels of cover

Most breakdown companies offer a basic roadside recovery price option where they will send a mechanical engineer to try and fix your car at the roadside. In circumstances where this is not possible, they will transport your vehicle to the nearest garage for repair.

An additional level of cover would be home assistance where a breakdown recovery van will attempt to fix your vehicle at your home, on your own driveway. This type of cover is not usually included in the basic roadside option and will often cost a little more.

The largest breakdown cover companies

The market is very competitive with a number of different players vying for your business. Currently, the top 3 largest breakdown cover providers in the UK are:

  • The AA - Originally known as the Automobile Association, the company is listed on the Stock Exchange and is the largest breakdown cover provider in the country.
  • The RAC - Founded as the Royal Automobile Club, the RAC is the second largest breakdown provider. It is owned by private equity company, CVC Capital Partners and sovereign wealth fund, GIC Private Ltd.
  • Green Flag - The UK's third largest breakdown recovery company is owned by insurance provider Direct Line. They fix around 80% of repairs at the roadside.

Comparison of breakdown cover

In addition to the top 3 companies, there are now are host of other firms offering good levels of cover with national coverage and often at much reduced rates, such as Emergency Assist. Therefore, if price is a major consideration, it's worth shopping around and seeing what these other providers offer.

When looking to compare breakdown cover options, you should first narrow down the level you require. For most people, a basic roadside cover option is all they need but you should at least consider adding home cover to give you peace of mind that your car can be fixed if it won't start first thing in the morning.

What is Roadside Cover?

This covers sending a repair van to where you've broken down and attempting to fix the problem at the roadside. If the vehicle cannot be fixed then they will take your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Note: It often has a restriction of at least a quarter of a mile from your home. In order to get your vehicle fixed at home, you need to ensure 'At Home Cover' option is included.

What is National Recovery?

With National Recovery cover included, the breakdown company will take you, your passengers and your vehicle to anywhere in the UK if a repair cannot be made at the roadside.

Note: There may be restrictions to this cover. For example: You may need to be at least a quarter of a mile from home and there may be a limited number of passengers included. Check with the breakdown provider.

What is Onward Travel?

If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, the breakdown company will make alternative arrangements for you to get to your destination.

For example, they may arrange a hire car so that you can continue your journey, organise public transport to your destination or provide overnight hotel accommodation.

Note: Companies may offer some or all of these options so check with the provider first.

What is at Home or Home Start Cover?

With the 'At Home Cover' option, the breakdown company will attempt to repair your vehicle at your home and within the distance not covered by the general 'Roadside Cover' option.

It's often very useful to include this additional option as it provides peace of mind that you can get immediate assistance, even though you may not have yet started your journey from home.