There are literally hundreds of broadband packages available from a multitude of UK providers. The largest companies generally change their deals every week or so with limited offers. At PocketRate you can easily compare all of these for free, saving you time and money.

Features to look out for

There are some key features and costs to bear in mind when selecting a broadband package from a provider:

  • Upload Speed
  • Contract Length
  • TV add-on Options
  • Setup Fees
  • Monthly Cost

Here is our list of the best broadband providers that offer the widest range of options to suit your Internet connection requirements. All the providers include a telephone line as standard.



BT Fibre 2 for £32.99pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • £110 Virtual Reward Card
  • Free Post & Packing

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Sky Superfast for £26.00pm

  • 34-75Mb Average Download Speed (50Mb minimum guaranteed)
  • Totally Unlimited
  • Super for streaming and gaming

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media M100 Fibre + Phone for £25.00pm

  • 108Mb Average Download Speed
  • No Setup Fees!
  • Virgin Media WiFi Hub
  • Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers
  • Inclusive weekend minutes to 0870 numbers
  • Access to perks and experiences with Priority

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre for £22.99pm

  • 36Mb Average Download Speed
  • £70 Plusnet Reward Card
  • Zero Activation Fee
  • Includes line rental
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Exclusive BT Sport deals when you're up and running

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TalkTalk Fibre 65 for £23.50pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • Great connection for busy homes
  • £50 Reward Card
  • Easy self-setup
  • Free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls
  • Wi-fi Hub Black included

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The best broadband providers

1. BT Broadband

As one of the world's largest telecommunication companies, BT offer UK customers a great range of broadband packages from their standard, lower speed connection running at 10Mb to their Superfast Fibre service with average speeds of up to 67Mb.

Additionally, BT has TV options with various entertainment packages including Freeview, premium and sports channels.  All of this is accessible via their recordable TV box that enables you to watch catch-up TV and store hundreds of hours of programming.

BT often have deals on all their broadband packages every few weeks with gifts such as a reward card, a free electronic device like Google Home or reduced monthly pricing.

2. Sky Broadband

Sky of course are well known for their TV services but with the advent of streaming programmes and movies via the web, they also offer a great broadband service to compliment their well established entertainment packages.

You can just purchase the Sky broadband package as a stand-alone Internet connection with average speeds of up to 63Mb on their Fibre Max offering. Alternatively, you can combine broadband with a Sky entertainment package that gives you Sky's comprehensive TV experience complete with their Sky Q recordable box.

Sky tends to have deals every month or so that relate to the pricing structure on the two main broadband options rather than offering various gift rewards.

3. TalkTalk Broadband

Originally part of the Carphone Warehouse group, TalkTalk offer a range of mobile and fixed telephony services as well as a very good home broadband and TV service.

Their broadband offering is essentially split between two options, a standard broadband connection running at an average speed of 11Mb and a fibre package with average speeds of up to 36Mb.

Although their broadband speeds are not as fast as some other providers, this is reflected in lower pricing and presents a good alternative depending on your connection requirements.

In addition, TalkTalk give you the option of adding on TalkTalk TV, which comes with a box that enables you to pause and rewind live television. Included are a host of Freeview channels and the ability to rent the latest movies.

4. Plusnet Broadband

Now part of the BT group, Plusnet offer a range straightforward broadband packages that are competitively priced with varying contract lengths to choose from including 12 months, 18 months and even a no annual contract option.

Plusnet offer three levels of broadband connection. The Plusnet standard connection runs at an average speed of 10Mb, the Fibre option runs at an average of 36Mb and the Fibre Extra package runs at an average of 66Mb.

Plusnet are constantly changing their deals with offers on lower pricing, reduced activation fees and Plusnet Rewards cards with various amounts.

5. EE Broadband

With average speeds ranging from 10Mb on their standard broadband package and up to a whopping 300Mb on their Fibre Max 2 offering, EE have choices to suit everyone.

EE try to cater to the needs of different households from someone needing an internet connection for simple web browsing and the occasional email to large families who use multiple devices, stream movies and like online gaming.

EE also offer EE TV as an additional extra to your broadband package. EE TV gives you over 70 free channels and access to on demand TV services like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. It comes with a recordable box that can store up to 600 hours of standard TV and allows you to watch on up to four devices at the same time.

EE generally have deals that relate to pricing or free mobile data offers.

6. Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media run a unique insulated cable from the street cabinet to your home that can give you average speeds of up to 362Mb, faster than any provider on this list.

Similar to EE, Virgin Media offer various packages, with varying levels of speed and pricing to meet your requirements.

Like Sky, you can purchase their broadband on its own or choose a TV entertainment package with up to 240 channels depending on the bundle selected. All TV packages come with the Virgin TV V6 box that is 4K-ready and enables to record up to 6 shows at once whilst watching a 7th recorded earlier.

Virgin Media broadband deals change weekly with offers on lower pricing, free gifts or credits to your bill.

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