Competition among broadband providers is fierce with companies constantly adjusting their pricing structure in order to attract new customers with attractive deals.

Ultimately, choosing a broadband package comes down to your own specific requirements. The cheapest broadband deals generally provide much lower average download speeds. This may be fine if you're simply browsing the web and sending the odd email but will be way too slow if you're thinking of using multiple devices at the same time, playing online games or streaming movies.



BT Fibre 2 for £32.99pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • £110 Virtual Reward Card
  • Free Post & Packing

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Sky Superfast for £26.00pm

  • 34-75Mb Average Download Speed (50Mb minimum guaranteed)
  • Totally Unlimited
  • Super for streaming and gaming

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media M100 Fibre + Phone for £25.00pm

  • 108Mb Average Download Speed
  • No Setup Fees!
  • Virgin Media WiFi Hub
  • Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers
  • Inclusive weekend minutes to 0870 numbers
  • Access to perks and experiences with Priority

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre for £22.99pm

  • 36Mb Average Download Speed
  • £70 Plusnet Reward Card
  • Zero Activation Fee
  • Includes line rental
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Exclusive BT Sport deals when you're up and running

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TalkTalk Fibre 65 for £23.50pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • Great connection for busy homes
  • £50 Reward Card
  • Easy self-setup
  • Free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls
  • Wi-fi Hub Black included

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Cheapest broadband deals

With this is mind, we need to split the cheapest broadband deals into four main categories:

  • Light use: up to 30Mb average speed
  • Medium use: up to 60Mb average speed
  • Heavy use: 60Mb+ average speed
  • Ultrafast broadband: 300Mb+ average speed

Broadband providers are now strictly regulated in terms of advertising the speed of broadband packages. They have to state the 'average speed' which Ofcom, the government regulator for communications, defines as the speed available to 50% of customers during peak hours (8pm - 10pm).

The actual speed you will get ultimately depends on a number of factors such as where you live, the type of cabling used, the distance you are from your local telephone exchange and the distance your home is from the physical exchange box in your specific street. Most broadband providers enable you to enter your home address to view a more accurate speed before signing up to their service.

Cheapest broadband deals for light use

Light use is defined as browsing the internet, online banking and basic email usage. This is perfect for people who just use the internet occasionally for basic tasks. It is not recommended for simultaneous multiple device use, streaming movies or online gaming.

Cheapest broadband deals for medium use

Medium use is defined as accessing the internet on a couple of devices at the same time, streaming music, downloading the odd movie and some less intensive online gaming.

Although this connection is sufficient for many people, it is not recommended for significant use by larger groups of people at the same time or online gaming that requires higher speeds to function properly.

Cheapest broadband deals for heavy use

Heavy internet use is defined as using multiple devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, by large families, all at the same time.

These packages provide the highest speeds which are perfect for streaming movies and TV programmes, playing intensive online gaming and listening to music from different sources from around your home.

Cheapest ultrafast broadband deals

Whilst the above packages will be more than adequate for the vast majority of people, there is another level of broadband speed that is defined as ultrafast broadband, sometimes called full fibre broadband. These packages may only be available in certain areas.

Ultrafast is generally defined as speeds of 300Mbit/s or higher although some companies may label packages as 'Ultrafast' even though they run at around 100Mb. Either way, these speeds are a huge increase over so called superfast broadband packages.

Comparing cheap broadband packages

At PocketRate you can compare all the leading broadband providers in one place. You can sort and filter your requirements by speed, price and package type to find your perfect broadband deal.

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