The latest BT offer includes a free Google Home device with selected BT broadband packages and TV options. The Google Home is worth £129 and enables you to create a smart home by controlling your music, lighting and overall entertainment experience.



BT Fibre 2 for £32.99pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • £110 Virtual Reward Card
  • Free Post & Packing

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Sky Superfast for £26.00pm

  • 34-75Mb Average Download Speed (50Mb minimum guaranteed)
  • Totally Unlimited
  • Super for streaming and gaming

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media M100 Fibre + Phone for £25.00pm

  • 108Mb Average Download Speed
  • No Setup Fees!
  • Virgin Media WiFi Hub
  • Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers
  • Inclusive weekend minutes to 0870 numbers
  • Access to perks and experiences with Priority

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre for £22.99pm

  • 36Mb Average Download Speed
  • £70 Plusnet Reward Card
  • Zero Activation Fee
  • Includes line rental
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Exclusive BT Sport deals when you're up and running

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TalkTalk Fibre 65 for £23.50pm

  • 67Mb Average Download Speed
  • Great connection for busy homes
  • £50 Reward Card
  • Easy self-setup
  • Free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls
  • Wi-fi Hub Black included

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Google Home

The Google Home device is a smart speaker device developed by Google that uses voice commands to enable interactions with Google personal assistant and control an array of devices around your home.

Get Google Home to give you facts and information on general knowledge questions including:

  • Math’s calculations
  • Translation of words and phrases
  • Conversions on currency and unit measurements
  • Dictionary spellings and definitions
  • Worldwide times
  • Calendar and holiday information


Google Home can help you follow cooking instructions by asking it to find you a recipe, assisting you in preparing the ingredients and then helping you with step-by-step instructions.

Sports updates

Ask Google Home for the latest score in a game, current league table positions and upcoming fixtures for your favourite football or cricket team.


Playing music couldn’t be easier using Google Home. Play music with Google Play Music Free, Spotify Free or Pandora. Alternatively connect to premium music partners for specific songs, albums and artist choices.

Simply ask Google Home to “Play <song name>” or “Play <album name>” to stream music around your home.

Smart Home

Google Home enables you to create a smart home using the following technology:

  • Light Control - use supported smart light bulbs to switch lights on and off and adjust their brightness.
  • Thermostats - control the temperature of your home through the use of smart thermostats by simply asking Google Home to “Make it warmer/cooler” or “set the temperature to 24”.
  • Smart Plugs & Switches - smart plugs enable you to easily switch the power on to specific devices by asking Google Home.

BT Reward Cards

In addition to the free Google Home device offer, BT are also including BT Reward Cards with a value up to £90 on selected packages.

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