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Monthly Subscription Car Insurance

  • No Deposit Required
  • Fully Comprehensive Policy
  • Mobile App Based - No Black Box Installation
  • Cancel anytime without admin fees
  • Earn No Claim Bonus
  • No credit checks
  • No fees for adjusting your policy or information
  • SAVE a third using Smart Pricing
  • 24/7 Customer service with 1 minute response time

Must be aged between 19-65. Have a GB licence. Car is less than 20 years old. Car is worth less than £40,000

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Temporary Car Insurance

  • Cover from 1 hour to 28 days
  • Hourly, Daily or Weekly options
  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • Separate from the owner's cover
  • Doesn't affect owner's No Claims Bonus
  • Compare policy time duration prices
  • Extend your cover time on your phone
  • Class 1 business use covered
  • Get covered in just minutes
  • 24/7 Customer service - 1 min response time

Must be aged between 19-65. Have a full GB licence. Under 21 must have held licence for at least 1 year and no fault or joint fault accidents or claims. Car is less than 20 years old. Car is worth less than £40,000

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Who are Cuvva?

Now based in London, Cuvva were originally founded in 2014 in Edinburgh by Freddy Macnamara as a mobile first car insurance company. They have since grown rapidly and now boast over 500,000 customers.

Their success can be pinpointed to the easy-to-use Cuvva mobile app which enables you to organise all of your cover requirements in minutes. This app-based approach naturally appeals to a younger demographic but with people of all ages now getting more comfortable with relying on mobile apps, Cuvva is certainly widening its reach.

Cuvva describes its core customers as:

  • Restless stay-at-home grads (short term only) Stretched full-time families
  • Established city couples
  • Cool career chasers
  • Spontaneous students (short term only)
  • All personas index more on Apple vs Android Main age demographic is 18-45 year olds

Cuvva car insurance products

Cuvva essentially offer two core insurance products, a monthly car insurance offering based on a continuous subscription model and a temporary short-term cover for maximum flexibility. Both products are handled by the app.

Cuvva Monthly subscription Car insurance

This is a flexible, fully comprehensive policy that can either last for a month or you can continue to renew it for the full year. If you have continuous cover for 12 months then you will also earn a year's worth of No Claims Bonus, just like any other 12-month car insurance policy.

Unlike most other providers, you do not have to pay a deposit and you can cancel anytime without being charged an administration fee. Many firms will often charge around £50 just to cancel your policy but Cuvva charge nothing.

Cuvva Temporary Car Insurance

You can take out this policy for 1 hour, a day, a week or up to 28 days. It offers full comprehensive cover including Class 1 Business Use and pays up to £40,000 for accidents, theft or fire damage. It also covers your legal liability and up to £2m for third party property damage. One of the great things about this Cuvva offering is that as it's treated as a separate policy, it does not affect the car owner’s No Claims Bonus should you have a claim.

The price of the temporary Cuvva option is based on your age, driving history, the insurance group of your car and your postcode area.

Cuvva policy requirements

  • You must be aged between 19 to 65 years old (some cars may require you to be older than 19)
  • Own a GB driving licence
  • For temporary cover you must have held your licence for at least one year and have no previous claims or accidents
  • The car must be less than 20 years old
  • The value of the car must be less than £40,000

Does Cuvva require a telematics black box?

No. There is no black box installation. Instead, the Cuvva monthly subscription works using something they call Smart Pricing, which essentially uses technology already on your mobile phone. As you drive, your phone collects data about your driving habits so that Cuvva can calculate your insurance cost. Cuvva say that it uses less than 1% of your phone battery to operate.

Data collected by Cuvva

Cuvva use a driving score to work out your premium. This score is based on 5 main factors:

  1. Speed - How fast you drive the car and if you break any speed limits.
  2. Braking - How well you use the brakes in order to stop safely.
  3. Focusing - This takes note of whether or not you use your phone whilst driving, touching your phone is now illegal to do anyway.
  4. Cornering - How well you take corners and handle the car.
  5. Accelerating - How fast you accelerate and whether this compromises safety.

Who is Cuvva underwritten by?

Cuvva currently uses two insurers to underwrite its policies, namely, Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited and WAKAM. However, the company say the underwriters may change due to the growth of the company. You should always check your policy documentation to see who the exact insurer is that underwrites your cover.

Cuvva reviews

On Trustpilot, Cuvva are currently rated overall as 'Excellent' by customers, giving them a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 with well over 1,000 individual reviews. Many reviews highlight how easy it is to use the Cuvva app to get covered and extend their policy. Lots of customers also praise the 24/7 customer service for being so helpful.

On Cuvva is rated 93% by customers giving them an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 with many reviews mentioning how quick it was to sort out their insurance on the app.

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