Vanquis Aquis Credit Card

Category: Credit Cards


  • Can be a great tool to improve your credit rating
  • You'll start with an easy to manage credit limit of between £250 to £1,000
  • Credit Limit increases every 5 months, up to £4,000 subject to good account management
  • SMS and Online Account Management


  • Credit is subject to: status
  • Telephone contact & confirmation of name and address
  • Not already holding a credit card issued by Vanquis Bank
  • No reasonable suspicion of fraud
  • Only available to UK residents who are at least 18 years of age and are not legally restricted from obtaining credit e.g. because of bankruptcy.
Annual Fee: £0
Balance Tran: -
Purchases: -
APR variable: 29.8%
Representative Example:
Representative example: When you spend £1,000 at a purchase rate of 29.84% (variable) per annum, your representative APR is 29.8% APR (variable).

Aquis Credit Card Summary

The Aquis credit card can be a great way to build a strong credit rating by demonstrating to future lenders that you can manage credit responsibly. It could also be used to rebuild a poor credit rating if you've had credit difficulties in the past.

Just remember that in order to give the best chance of building your credit limit you'll need to use your card sensibly, stay within your credit limit and pay your monthly minimum payment on time. Not following these steps could actually harm your credit rating and make it harder to get credit.

Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Bank has been issuing credit cards since 2003 and in that time we've already helped over 3.5 million people in the UK get the credit they deserved. (Correct as of September 2017)

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, we believe that's why we're rated 9 out of 10 by our customers on TrustPilot (as of July 2017) and have won Moneyfacts 'Credit Building Card Provider of the Year' award for the last 4 years in a row.

Aquis Credit Limit

As a new Aquis customer we'll give you a sensible starting limit of between £250 and £1,000, you could qualify for your first credit limit increase after your 5th statement and then further increases every 5 months up to £4,000 subject to good account management.

Just keep in mind that you'll maximise your chances of earning increases when using your card and keeping your account in order which demonstrates you can handle the monthly repayments. Also remember that you can choose to decline an increase if you ever want to.

Application Process

We've worked hard to make our application form as easy as possible to complete by ensuring th the questions are easy to understand. We've also done our best to make completing our application just a great an experience on most mobiles and tablets as it is on a PC.

Once you've completed an application we'll normally give you a response within 60 seconds which where we can give details on the next steps.

Managing your Aquis Credit Card

As Aquis is operated by Vanquis Bank you can take advantage of the same great features so you can manage your account through the eVanquis website or if your prefer to manage your finances on the go you can download the 5 Star Mobile Vanquis app on Apple or Android.