How to compare credit cards

With so many credit cards available in the UK, it's difficult sometimes to decide which card is the best credit card for you. Here is our simple five-point process to choosing the right card.

1. Decide what you need a credit card for

For example, are you looking to make a large purchase and repay it back on 0% interest or perhaps you are looking to transfer an existing debt from one card to another. You may be looking to build up your credit history or earn rewards points each time you spend. You may simply want a credit card for convenience and pay off the balance in full each month.

2. Narrow down your credit card type

Whatever your reasons for wanting a credit card, narrow down the type of card you need from the credit card menu provided. This will restrict the list of cards to those that are most applicable to you.

3. Compare credit card features

From this list, compare the features of the card such as the APR rate, 0% Balance Transfer period, 0% Purchase period or any rewards you are looking for. Visit each provider using the button link to view the full list of credit card features for that card.

4. Check your credit score and credit report

Before applying for the credit card, consider taking a look at your current UK credit score and credit report. Credit card companies will usually look at this information in order to make a decision regarding your application.

A poor credit history or no credit history may mean you are declined for that particular card. By applying for the card before checking your credit score, you might be further damaging your credit score profile.

Check out our comparison table of credit score and credit report providers.

5. Apply for the credit card

When you have finally decided which credit card to apply for, use the button provided on the comparison table to take you to the provider's website.