car insurance changes

Changes you need to tell your car insurance company about

Have your circumstances changed? It may have an impact on your car insurance.

Always remember to tell your car insurer about any changes that may affect your insurance policy

Examples of changes that you should contact your insurer about

  • Moving house - it's important you inform your insurance company on the day you move into your new property. It can affect your premium up OR down.
  • Changing car - essential you tell your insurer before you change cars so that you can be covered the second you switch to your new vehicle.
  • Changed your job title - some insurers may either refuse to insure you or give you an increase/decrease in your premium.
  • Changed the use of your car - e.g. have you started commuting to work in your car? Make sure you're covered for that.
  • Changed where you park overnight? Perhaps you have started parking on the road or maybe in a locked garage? Either way, you must inform your insurer. Locked garage parking can actually decrease your insurance!
  • Had any kind of car accident? No matter how minor, you need to inform you insurer of the accident.
  • Had penalty points on your driving license? You need to tell your insurer immediately about any new driving convictions no matter how small - even a minor speeding conviction needs to be registered on your policy
  • Did you get married or change your name? Being married can actually give a discount.

Not sure if you should contact your car insurance company?

Bottom line - if in doubt always contact your insurer to let them know about any changed circumstances.

What if I don't tell my insurer about something that can affect my policy?

If you don't inform the insurance company about a change in circumstances that has a direct affect on your policy, then your insurance could be invalidated in the event of a claim.