Step 1

1. Use this AMAZING comparison system - compares 100+ companies instantly

Fill in ONE FORM and the system does the rest!

Step 2

2. Use this alternative comparison system

Cover even more of the market with this additional comparison system.

Step 3


Want to be sure you've found the cheapest quote?

Get individual quotes from each company below.

Some companies don't include their rates on comparison sites or may have different rates on their own site.

Price still too high?

We've put together 20 Brilliant Tips on how to reduce your car insurance.

Go through each one to see if you can get your quote even lower.

Group 1 cars can mean cheaper insurance

Did you know that cars rated as 'Group 1' for insurance purposes may lower your premium?

Check out our article on how car insurance groups work and what cars are rated as Group 1.

How much discount does No Claims Bonus give you?

No Claims Bonus (NCB) or Discount is possibly the biggest rating factor affecting your quote

Find out more on how NCB works, how you get it and what happens to it if you claim

How do insurance companies work out my price?

Ever wondered how insurance companies arrive at the price of your quote?

We explain how the quote process works and what insurance companies take into account when working out the cost of your insurance.

How can young drivers get cheap car insurance?

Many people find it hard to get a reasonable price for their quote when the main driver is in their teens or early twenties.

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Why does car insurance cost so much?

If you're wondering why your car insurance quote or renewal is so expensive then read our article on how companies operate and make money from car insurance.

How can I get my renewal price cheaper?

If you've just had your renewal price through and it's gone up, then you must read our article on you can lower the cost of your renewal. It could save you £££'s!

What is the idea behind the 3 Step Formula?

There are a number of companies offering car insurance in the UK.

Our 3 Step Formula aims to cover as much of this market as possible in least amount of time.

Although most comparison sites include pretty much the same providers, some may have insurers that others don't or have special rates that they have negotiated just for their own comparison site.

Therefore, we suggest using at least two or more comparison sites. This way you get to cover a much larger part of the market and any unique rates that are only given to certain sites. We've selected the QuoteZone system that covers more than 100+ companies and then who compare up to 120 insurance companies.

Finally, some car insurance providers may either choose to not put their rates on the comparison sites or maintain different rates for their own direct insurance offering. Getting quotes directly from some of these specific providers ensures you cover all bases. We've included a few other sites that you should get rates directly from.

Can you go further than the 3 Step Formula?

Absolutely. You can keep getting multiple quotes from multiple comparison sites and then get tons of individual quotes from each provider website. However, this process can take a long time and it's often difficult to keep track of quotes when you have so many.

Our 3 Step Formula aims to cut down the time involved whilst still covering the majority of UK providers.