The UK online bank Monzo has launched its premium account offering called Monzo Plus, priced at £5pm. But what’s included? Here are the highlights:

1% AER/Gross (variable) on savings

Earn interest on up to £2,000 on your account balance and regular Pots (not including Savings Pots).

Holographic Monzo card

The card boasts a reflective holographic layer and Monzo logo on hot-stamped foil. With your details kept neatly on the back of the card for a minimalist design.

View other bank accounts & credit cards in app

“Get full financial visibility” - Add your other bank accounts and credit cards so they're visible in the Monzo app. See your balances and transactions, and move money around with easy bank transfers.

Virtual cards

Keep your physical card details safe by using virtual cards for online payments.

Have up to 5 at any one time and personalise your cards by giving them names and picking from a range of colours.

Avoid updating your payment details everywhere because your physical card got lost or stolen.

Monzo Plus Virtual Card

Custom spending categories

Personalise your spending breakdown by creating your own spending categories and divide single transactions into multiple categories to group your spending.

Automatically export transactions to Google Sheets as they happen, for a detailed look at your spending.

£400 fee-free withdrawals abroad

Take out up to £400 cash abroad for free every 30 days. That's double the amount you can withdraw for free with the regular Monzo account.

Advanced roundups

Automatically put 2, 5 or 10 times as much spare change into savings every time you spend.

Monzo Plus Payment

Track your credit score

See your credit score in the app and how it changes each month together with helpful guides on how credit scores work and tips for improving yours.

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