BT Complete Wi-Fi

BT Complete Wi-Fi Guarantees Strong Signal in Every Room

BT have launched a new product called Complete Wi-Fi that ensures you get a great signal in every room of your house. BT say it offers the world's first Wi-Fi coverage guarantee.

Wi-Fi Discs

By placing so-called Wi-Fi Discs around your home that communicate with the BT Smart hub, you can create what BT call a Smart network.

This means that the device you are using to access the Internet will automatically connect to your hub or a Wi-Fi disc depending on which one offers the strongest signal.

BT says this will enable wall-to-wall coverage meaning you get faster speeds. As an example, a four-bedroom house could get a boost of up to 25% with a single Wi-Fi disc.

Smarter, connected home

Watch Architectural Designer and TV Presenter, Charlie Luxton, explain how BT Complete Wi-Fi helps create a smarter, connected home.

Setting up using the app

Setting up the Wi-Fi discs is made easy with a simple app that helps you manage your new Smart network by measuring the signal strength in each room and working out the optimum place to put your discs.

Download the My BT App

BT signal guarantee

Together with the Plus broadband package, BT will guarantee you get a strong signal in each room. If you can’t achieve this then BT will send you up to two further Wi-Fi Discs completely free of charge.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer business said: “Strong, reliable Wi-Fi has never been so important in the home, with families using even more connected devices and wanting to make the most of every room in the home. We’re the first broadband provider in the world to launch a Complete Wi-Fi guarantee so customers can get online from every corner of their homes. Whether it’s converting the attic into an online gaming room for the kids or making a spare room into a home gym where you can stream music or work out videos, our unique Complete Wi-Fi opens up a world of possibilities for our customers.”

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