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PocketRate add video to price comparison tables

UK price comparison website PocketRate have launched a fantastic new feature for visitors and providers by including video for specific product entries within the comparison table itself.

PocketRate believe they are the first UK finance comparison website to do this and have already added product videos across their Savings, ISAs and Broadband comparison tables.

Price comparison videos

When a visitor displays a comparison list of products e.g. savings accounts, ISAs, broadband etc., certain individual product entries will have a ‘Show More’ button. When clicked, the table entry opens up and not only shows additional product information but also video that can be played without leaving the comparison list.

Embedding video within the price comparison table entries helps further inform the customer about the product and allows providers the opportunity to show off more features about their product.

A first for price comparison

CEO of PocketRate, Andrew Bowen, said: “The new video feature is a first for financial comparison websites and takes price comparison up a level. Video is by far the preferred option these days for getting information and being able to watch a video about a product from within the comparison table is a massive help to website visitors.”.

Great for providers

The feature is free for providers and the videos can be supplied to PocketRate in a variety of formats including YouTube links or movie files.

Content available

The video content shown could be educational, a product review or even the latest advert from the provider. PocketRate also have the ability to display multiple videos per product entry without leaving the comparison page.