Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Is it a good idea to put money into buying Bitcoin? This article charts the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency of the last few years and asks what the future holds.

Mastercard Bitcoin

Mastercard Files Patent To Link Blockchain Cryptocurrency

The Mastercard patent which links regular currencies with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. What will it do and how might it affect the future of the crypto space.

Financial Trading News Websites

The Best Free To Use Financial Market Websites In The UK

A list of the best free to use financial market news websites in the UK.

Home Ownership

A Third Of Millennials May Never Own Their Own Home

A new report suggests that a third of young people may never be able to get on the housing ladder.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance Down 2% In Latest Research

The car insurance price index from has shown a drop in the average cost of car insurance for the last 12 months.

Interest Rates

Interest Rate Rise Doubts as UK Housing Market Slows Again

The March 2018 Residential Market Survey by RICS shows another fall in demand for UK Housing.