Compare Children's Savings Accounts

Savings AccountAER Interest RateMin. Opening DepositFeatures
Barclays Children's Instant Saver

Set aside savings for your children – as much as you want, whenever you want.
(variable rate)

  • Instant access to your money - online, telephone or in branch

  • For balances of £1 to £1million

Barclays Children's Regular Saver

Set aside money every month for your little one with access if you need it.
(variable rate)

  • Instant access to your money

  • Save from £5 to £100 per month by standing order

  • Maximum deposit of £1,200 over the 12 month term

Halifax Kids' Monthly Saver

A monthly savings account for an adult to save regularly for a child aged 15 or under.

  • Save from £10 to £100 a month by standing order

  • Fixed interest rate gives peace of mind - paid annually

  • View the account online, in branch and by phone

  • No withdrawals except via closure

Halifax Kids' Saver

A variable interest account for an adult who wants to save for a child aged 15 or under, with easy access to their money.
(variable rate)

  • Two Kids' Saver accounts can be held for any one child

  • Interest paid monthly

  • View the account online, in branch and by phone

  • Unlimited withdrawals

HSBC Future Saver for Children

Start saving for your child's future.
(variable rate)

  • Instant access with no charge

  • Choose to save by standing order each month or by ad hoc payment

  • Telephone & Internet banking 24/7

HSBC MySavings / Premier MySavings

An easy way to save for 7-17 year olds.
(variable rate)

  • Instant access with no charge

  • Take out money at a branch using your Cash Book

  • On your 11th birthday you'll get a HSBC Visa debit card

  • Premier customers have access to additional product benefits

Lloyds Bank Child Saver

Variable interest account for an adult who wants to save for a child aged 15 or under with instant access.
(variable rate)

  • Online, branch and phone

  • Interest paid monthly

  • Two Child Saver accounts can be held for any one child

Nationwide Future Saver

Child savings account for parents/adults with parental responsibility for under-16s.
(variable rate)

  • Deposit up to £5,000 per account year

  • Saving for a child from birth up to age 15

  • Open and manage in branch or online

RBS First Saver

Free children's savings account
(variable rate)

  • Free Pigbybank

  • Access to Pigby World

  • Adults can access funds online, telephone or branch

  • Children can withdraw funds in branch

Yorkshire Bank Jumpstart Savers Account

Save for what you want.
0.30% to 0.90%
(variable rate)

  • For children aged 6 - 16

  • Pay in and withdraw money at any time

  • Option to have debit card from age 11 and over

  • Online, phone or branch access

  • Tiered interest rates

Yorkshire Bank Headstart Savers Account

Savings for your children's future.
(Linked to Bank of England base rate)

  • For children aged 6 - 16

  • Earn interest, linked to Bank of England base rate

  • Give us 95 days' notice to withdraw cash

Compare Children's Savings Accounts

Children's Savings Accounts

Opening a savings account is a great way to get your kids started in educating them on how to manage money. It can teach them how to save money and be financially responsible as they grow up.

Interest rates on kids accounts

Generally speaking, the interest rates offered on kids accounts is quite a bit higher than a regular adult savings account so it's worth shopping around to find the best rate available. It can be a useful opportunity to try and teach children how interest rates work and how they can earn money on their savings.

Those accounts that offer the highest interest rates will usually require you to transfer minimum monthly amounts into the child's account via a standing order. If a payment transfer is missed then it could result in you losing this higher rate.

Restrictions on opening a children's account

  • To open an account for a child you need to be at least 18 years old and either be the parent or guardian (otherwise you need to get permission).
  • Children in their teens may be contacted directly by the bank to inform them that they are holding their personal information. The bank should contact you beforehand to inform you of this.
  • The minimum age restriction for a child to have a bank account is around 6 years old and the maximum is usually 17 years old. However, some financial providers may have different rules and require that children are over 10 years old before they can have an account.

Managing a kid's savings account

Accessing and managing the account differs between banks. Some accounts require an adult to authorise every transaction whilst others can be managed by the child directly via online or in branch. Some savings accounts may even issue a debit card for the child, as they get older.

Access to savings

The majority of accounts for children allow instant access to funds and allow you to withdraw and deposit funds at anytime without incurring charges.

Some accounts are designed specifically for parents to save on behalf of their child. These accounts often attract higher interest rates but are very restrictive on withdrawing the money (often by closure only). Money plus interest saved may be automatically transferred into your kids' own bank account after 12 months. You should read the specific terms for each product before opening any account.

Minimum Opening Deposit

The majority of kid's accounts can be opened with just £1 although some may require a slightly higher amount like £5 or £10 where a regular monthly transfer is required.

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