car insurance for young drivers

Young driver car insurance tips

Young driver car insurance can be particularly difficult to get at a cheap price. Here are some tips to get your quote lower:

Young drivers tips

  1. Get a group 1 rated car. Group 1 are the lowest rated for insurance purposes and often attract a lower cost. You may not look cool but your insurance could be lower. Think of it as building up your driving record until you're older and have more No Claims Discount years.
  2. Consider a lower value vehicle. Sometimes lower cost cars can help you get your quote lower although not always.
  3. Try comparison sites and then try getting quotes directly from the insurance company. Not all insurers are on comparison sites. Try our own car insurance comparison partner site which compares 100+ large and small companies to find the cheapest price available.
  4. Keep a clean driving record. It's hard enough getting car insurance when you're young - don't add to the problem with penalty points.
  5. Add a more mature and experienced driver as a named driver. This can often lower your price.
  6. Always be honest. You must always provide the correct information on your insurance quote. Lying on your insurance could get you banned or worse. Plus your insurance could be invalidated.

Finally, a message to all those parents that dishonestly put themselves as the main driver and their teenager as an additional driver in order to keep costs down. This is called 'Fronting' and is illegal. DON’T DO IT!