With live Premier League matches now available across multiple content providers and platforms, we review the best way to watch live games at the lowest subscription cost.

Broadcasters showing live Premier League matches:

Sky Sports

  • Sky has acquired rights through to 2022
  • 128 live matches
  • The biggest head to heads with every weekend ‘first pick’ and 14 ‘second picks’
  • The best slots including Saturday tea time matches, Super Sunday, Monday Night Football and Friday Night Football
  • Saturday evening matches

BT Sport

  • 52 live Premier League matches
  • All 20 fixtures from two midweek matchweeks
  • Saturday matches kick off at 12:30
  • Live Champions League matches

Amazon Prime

  • Live broadcasting rights through to 2022
  • 20 live matches per season from one Bank Holiday programme
  • One midweek fixture programme
  • Review of weekend's Premier League action every Tuesday after a matchweek

Although there are now three companies broadcasting live matches, there are a number of ways in which you can subscribe to their services and view games on different devices.

Cheapest way to watch Sky Sports Premier League

The largest broadcaster in terms of live matches have a dedicated Sky Sports channel for their live Premier League games. Sky also shows the top live match on their Main Event Sky Sports channel.

Here are the ways in which you can subscribe to watching Sky's live games:

1. Sky Sports Premier League on Sky TV

You can of course subscribe to the Sky Sports Premier League channel by either upgrading your existing Sky package or as part of a deal if you’re a brand new Sky customer.

Sky often have deals offering lower prices and it’s also worth contacting them directly to see what can be worked out.

Right now you can sign up with no contract period and you can cancel Sky Sports Premier League at anytime by giving 31 days notice.

As well as watching Premier League matches on your regular TV, a Sky subscription also enables you to gain access to matches via the Sky Go app on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

2. Sky Sports Premier League on BT TV

You can also watch Sky Sports via BT TV. Although the actual subscription price is usually a little higher doing it this way, it does mean you don’t need to have a full Sky subscription and Sky box, so the cost of this should be factored in.

However, you will need a BT broadband connection that runs at least 30 Mb download speed on Superfast fibre.

3. Sky Sports Premier League on Now TV

Alternatively, rather than tie yourself into a lengthy contract, you could simply buy a daily, weekly or monthly subscription using Now TV, these are called ‘Passes’.

Now TV offer a Pass specifically for Sky Sports. Simply sign up for a free account and purchase the type of Pass you need.

Now TV also offer passes based on how you want to watch the service. You can opt for a pass that enables viewing on all devices including:

  • Set-top boxes and streaming sticks
  • Smart TVs
  • Laptops and computers
  • Smartphones and tablet devices
  • Games consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 5

You can also purchase a Now TV pass for viewing on your smartphone only. This type of pass is much cheaper than the regular full pass.

The big advantages of the Now TV Pass option are that you do not need a Sky or BT subscription and you are not tied into a long contract. You can opt to buy a Now TV pass whenever you like.

For example: During the summer months you may decide not to bother with buying access to Sky Sports because the Premier League has finished for the season.

Cheapest way to watch BT Sport Premier League matches

The BT Sport offering provides weekly live Premier League matches plus exclusive UK rights to show all live Champions League games including the group stages and all knockout rounds.

You can subscribe to the BT Sport offering in a couple of different ways:

1. BT Sport Premier League on BT TV

The BT Sport channel with live Premier League games is available as part of the BT TV package and is currently included as standard when you have a BT broadband and TV package.

However, you may need to pay extra to watch the HD version of the service. BT Sport also have the exclusive broadcast rights in the UK for all live Champions League matches.

It’s definitely worth contacting BT directly via their Freephone number to discuss how you can get a much cheaper overall package that includes BT Sport with your phone line, broadband and TV requirements. Speaking to an advisor should ensure you get the best price available at the time.

2. BT Sport Premier League on Sky TV

You can add BT Sport to your Sky TV package by visiting the BT website. Existing BT broadband customers can usually add the channel upgrade at a lower price.

For Sky broadband customers, BT have a separate option on the website but may charge you a little more.

Once added, live BT Sport Premier League and Champions League matches will be available on your Sky planner in the same way as all other channels.

Premier League and Champions League matches on the BT Sport App

Regardless of how you subscribe to BT Sports, you also get access to the BT Sports app.

You can download the app directly onto your Apple TV, Xbox or Samsung Smart TV. Alternatively you can attach a Google Chromecast and stream the app from your laptop computer, tablet or smartphone to your TV.

Customers of EE, TalkTalk and Plusnet can also get access to the BT Sport app by contacting the provider directly.

The sophisticated app enables you to watch live matches, instantly replay key moments during live play, view game stats and switch to other live matches in the case of Champions League games. It’s by far the best app available for watching live football.

Cheapest way to watch Amazon Prime Premier League Matches

Amazon are a new player in the space for showing live Premier League games. Although they currently only have rights to show a restricted number of matches, it is anticipated that they will be part of the future bidding process for extended rights, assuming their initial foray into the arena proves lucrative.

There are currently two ways you can subscribe to their service:

Amazon Prime Premier League on Amazon Prime Video

The most straightforward way of watching the available live Premier League games on Amazon Prime is by taking out an Amazon Prime subscription via the Amazon UK website.

You will need to sign into your existing Amazon account (or create a new account) and select the Prime option, which is usually highlighted in the top menu bar. You will also get a free 30-day trial period before committing.