Temporary Car Insurance Quotes

Short term insurance policies from 1 to 28 days

  • Both cars and vans are covered
  • Online Comprehensive Short Term Cover
  • Receive a free, no obligation quotation in minutes

Temporary car insurance comprehensive cover from 1 to 28 days - Free quote in minutes!

Short Term Car Insurance Quotes

  • Get comprehensive cover for a short time period from 1 to 28 days.
  • From borrowing a car to sharing the drive on a long journey or needing to drive another car in an emergency.
  • An insurance solution for a wide range of drivers and flexible enough to suit a number of everyday situations.
  • Insure someone else on your car
  • Insure yourself on a different car
  • Prevent any risk to the main owners No Claims Bonus.
  • PocketRate have partnered with Insure Daily to offer temporary car insurance policies.

Am I eligible for temporary car insurance?

  • Drivers aged 19-75
  • Full UK licence 1yr+
  • No more than 2 claims
  • Not been disqualified
  • Certain occupations excluded
  • Right-hand-drive vehicles only
  • Market Value over £1500 and under £45000
  • No Modified Vehicles
  • Not for Impounded Vehicles